Apply for your car loan now!!!


We provide lasting business advice to our customers

  • TRADE Financing

    We provide both generic and specialized products to suit your individual requirements

  • VEHICLE Financing

    In our desire to serve you better, NKOSUO has once again designed a facility to make your dream of car ownership a reality.

  • BUSINESS Advice

    Don't start a business simply because it seems sexy or boasts large hypothetical profit margins and returns. Our business advice team is ready to help you.


    Any Loan amount from GH¢100 to GH¢5,000 to all qualified customers for their personal and business needs.

  • Savings Account

    Interest bearing account with the features below: Competitive interest rates 5% per annum Initial deposit requirement of GHS10.00. Continuous minimum balance of GHS 10.00

  • Fixed Deposit

    This is an investment vehicle where funds or deposits are locked in for a specific fixed period at fixed interest rate. The interest rate remains unchanged for the period of the investment.

  • Quick Loans

    This is a short-term loan for financing working capital needs of business owners

    Loan Purpose
    - To finance purchase of stocks and materials for production or for resale
    - To meet other working capital needs

  • Current Account

    This product is available to our customers who want regular access to their deposit Features :
    - Initial deposit of Gh¢ 20.00
    - Customized customers cheque Books are provided
    - Monthly /Quarterly Statements for Corporate Accounts
    - Quarterly Statements for Personal Accounts
    - Low account maintenance fee
    - All account holders can also get their statements on request.

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